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Zoncello Spritz – Australia’s favourite Spritz


Featuring zesty yellows, playful effervescence and stripes (naturalmente!), Zoncello Spritz is a homage to the Italian Riviera – another sensational product from Zonzo Estate featuring owner Rod Micallef’s delicious Limoncello recipe made with local lemons and estate grapes.

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Zoncello Limoncello Spritz is a world first, pre-made Limoncello Spritz crafted with fresh lemons, grape spirit, rainwater, and Australian sugar. Targeting men and women aged 24-45 who are social, trend-aware, and enjoy sharing new experiences, this product promises a zesty, refreshing taste that evokes the spirit of a European summer. The design will be minimalistic, chic, bold, and colourful. Key messages include its unique formulation, ready-to-drink convenience, and premium quality, aiming to make it a staple in bars, restaurants and social gatherings.



The design for Zoncello Limoncello Spritz creates a uniquely identifiable, iconic product embodying the essence of a European summer. The visual identity combines playful elements with elegant minimalism to ensure Zoncello stands out as the world’s first pre-made Limoncello Spritz. The playful logotype with lemon-peel-shaped letterforms balances minimal vibrant colour blocking to capture the brand’s energetic and carefree nature. Inspired by the Amalfi coast, bright yellow compliments sun-tarnished blues and a striped graphic that evokes nostalgia and warm familiarity. The subtle gloss screen hints at an effervescent nature, amplifying the energy of the design.



Zoncello Limoncello Spritz has experienced a remarkable journey. Its initial success in 13 Dan Murphy’s stores quickly led to nationwide distribution. The vibrant and sophisticated image has resonated with consumers, propelling it to become the top-selling wine product in Australia in 2023. Driven simply by enthusiastic customer word-of-mouth and no traditional advertising, it’s on track to sell 1 million bottles in its first year, making it “…the most successful wine product release in a generation”. (Wine Business Magazine, June 2024)


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