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Sungai Design – Furniture with an activist mindset


Sungai Design is a pioneering Balinese furniture company transforming plastic waste into premium, sustainable products. This unique approach offers a solution to the global plastic waste problem and provides customers with a tangible way to contribute to environmental sustainability.

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Sungai Design aims to become Bali’s leading B2B supplier of up-cycled furniture products for premium hospitality, commercial office spaces and global consumer brands – inspiring them to adopt their business model and reconsider their relationship with single-use plastics.



Our challenge was to blend Sungai Design’s activist mindset with a design-conscious and globally appealing visual language. Drawing inspiration from Balinese architecture, we created a brand symbol representing the gateway to a sustainable future. This symbol, combined with a bold logotype and vibrant blue core brand colour, forms the heart of Sungai’s visual identity, while animated icons build a playful, approachable narrative.


“Absolutely thrilled with the team at our Swear Words for the stellar job they did on the brand identity for Sungai Design! Working with them was a breeze—super smooth and enjoyable. They totally nailed our vibe, capturing the essence of what we’re all about. Big shoutout to their creative genius! If you’re looking to create or elevate your brand, these are the go-to pros. Highly recommend!”

Kelly Bencheghib


The brand identity design for Sungai Design has significantly impacted its commercial success by attracting premium markets and distinguishing the brand in a crowded eco-sector. Environmentally, it promotes sustainability by using upcycled materials, directly reducing plastic waste. Societally, the innovative and appealing design encourages broader engagement with environmental issues, inspiring individuals and businesses to prioritise sustainability. This holistic approach enhances Sungai Design’s market presence and fosters a culture of environmental consciousness and responsibility across various sectors.


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