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Schulz Organic Dairy – A bold rebrand for an established family business.

Perennial “Delicious Awards” winners and one of Australia’s first organic dairy farms, Schulz Organic Dairy has always been synonymous with high-quality organic dairy products. When eldest son Simon took over the business in 2017, he decided that a brand update was necessary to grow and remain relevant in an increasingly competitive category.

Schulz already had a loyal following at farmer’s markets and high-end cafes and restaurants, however, Simon had a new story to tell and a shift in focus that required a brave design refresh ­— a new direction that demanded attention yet maintained communication of the hard-earned values of the Schulz brand…

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Logo Design for the new Brand Identity for Schulz Organic Dairy

Our brand-forward design solution is bold, proud and dominant in the fridge. The Schulz Organic Dairy brand takes centre stage and displays an extroverted self-confidence for maximum recognition and visibility in the retail setting.

In a category that is generally busy, hierarchically confused and softly spoken, we chose to talk loud and clear while maintaining a warm approachability.

Packaging Design for the Milk Bottle in the new Brand Identity for Schulz Organic Dairy
Packaging Design for the Milk Bottle in the new Brand Identity for Schulz Organic Dairy

In 2018, as part of our brand refresh project, Schulz launched the award-winning Milk in Glass initiative in Victoria with a hugely successful pozible campaign. Learn more about it here.

Balancing a sense of nostalgia with functionality and ease of processing, the design solution of the fully customised glass bottle and recyclable neck collar was a fantastic collaboration with Contain Design. Contain was able to translate our vision from concept to CAD designs while also managing the sourcing and production of the bottle manufacturing.

The initiative has been hugely successful with excellent sales, immeasurable goodwill for the brand and massive savings of waste that would otherwise be put into landfills. Not to mention being nominated as a Best Awards Finalist 😉

Read more about the ongoing success of the Milk in Glass initiative in Schulz’s 2-Year Report.

Milk in Glass

New refillable glass bottle for Schulz Organic Dairy

“So far Schulz have saved 17,000kg of single use plastic!”

New refillable glass bottle design for Schulz Organic Dairy
Business Cards in the new Brand Identity for Schulz Organic Dairy

“Swear Words were incredibly professional in communication and design for our business rebrand. We would certainly recommend their services to any brand that wish to move beyond the mundane and into the future.”

Simon Schulz

Packaging Design for the Yoghurt Tub in the new Brand Identity for Schulz Organic Dairy
Packaging Design for Schulz Organic Dairy. Yoghurt Tub

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